Ebenfalls als Vorbereitung für die bald startende CES hat Samsung seine kompakte Digimax i6 und die S Serie vorgestellt. Bei der Digimax i6 handelt es sich um eine sehr flache 6 Megapixel Kamera, die neben der eigentlichen Funktion als Fotokamera auch noch Musik- und Videodateien abspielen kann und damit zu einem Multimedia-Gerät mutiert. Die neue S Serie soll den Low-Budget Markt versogen und bringt gleich sechs verschiedene Modelle mit sich. Es handelt sich dabei um Kameras mit 5, 6 oder 8 Megapixel in silbernem oder schwarzem Gehäuse.

Samsung Pressemitteilung:

Samsung Cameras (CEO: Lee Jong-gu), has announced the release of the new slim digital camera ‘i6 PMP’ and the point and shoot ‘S’ series.

The i6 is only 18.5mm thick, and has an enhanced grip, using a unique curved design ensuring a steady shot when taking pictures. Thin and striking enough to take anywhere, the i6 is style and portability in one camera.

The Digimax i6 has enhanced multimedia capabilities with upgraded MP3 and the addition of a personal media player function. Play back MP3 music files and also video files, using the conversion software supplied with the camera. The user can even take pictures whilst listening to music.

The i6 also has ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction). This algorithm reduces the effects of camera shake and helps the user take clear and natural pictures indoors or in dark conditions without using flash. The i6 also has its own movie editing function, 1cm super-macro, and a cradle for charging and image transfer.

Digimax i6 Key facts

  • The i6 is the world’s first PMP slim camera
  • i6 PMP plays MP3 and works as a Portable Media Player
  • Slim, striking and ergonomic design
  • ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction)
  • large bright TFT LCD (2.5 inch)
  • All the great functions of a Samsung camera including 6-megapixels and 3x optical zoom

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The ‘S’ series is great for family use and for anyone wanting ease and convenience. Purchasers can choose from a variety of models: 5, 6, and 8 megapixels in Silver or Black shades.

The ‘S’ series comes with an Effect Key allowing the user to adjust the colour of the photos being taken and also add various creative effects. The range also has an easy mode dial that allows the user to move between portrait, night pictures, and movies, swiftly, depending on the situation.

The ‘S’ series has a larger LCD screen for clearer picture quality. Printing out pictures is easy via PictBridge which enables an image to be printed directly to a connected compatible printer – without a PC.

‘S’ series, a digital camera range for the entire family, features video capabilities (MPEG4, VGA, 30fps) which means it can even double as a camcorder. Advanced features allow "in camera" movie editing and a pause function during recording.

‘S’ series point and shoot digital cameras to be launched

  • 5, 6 and 8 megapixels, all with 3x optical zoom
  • Easy and quick operation
  • Ergonomic design with camera grip
  • Large and Vivid TFT LCD (2.4 inch)

Samsung’s ‘S’ series and ‘i6 PMP’ cameras are expected to hit the market in early 2006.

Durch Klick auf das Bild gelangt man zu einer vergrößerten Ansicht

Quelle: dpreview